“Ackerley has been a high school physics and math teacher for 17 years...He said that he’s “not only seen, but felt” the effects of shrinking per-pupil funding at the hands of the Republican majority...He speaks with personal experience from within the classroom and, we believe, can be effective in conveying to his caucus the effects political decisions have on students and schools.”
— Arizona Daily Star


“Rep. Ackerley sticks to his guns…he proceeded to show that he’s not about politics at all. He’s about people. That’s what he said he’d do when he was elected – sort through the issues on his own and vote according to what’s best for his constituents...”
— Nogales International


“5 Freshman Lawmakers Stand out…with their effectiveness in passing legislation, quiet leadership and star potential…John “Chris” Ackerley for his ability to balance politics and personal conviction...”
— Arizona Capitol Times


“Ackerley weighs in for the people…Rep. Chris Ackerley is keeping his promise…”
— Green Valley News


"LD 2 – CHRIS ACKERLEY — A bright young school teacher who is an excellent legislator – and he’s a Republican who actually lives in Pima County, although forced by the phony Democrats running the “Independent Re-apportionment Commission” to represent Santa Cruz. We need him in the majority caucus to cover Pima. It isn’t only party or ideology that drives many things – try geography."

— The Southern Arizona News-Examiner


Photos from 2016 Clean Elections Debate


Photo from Debate in Rio Rico on October 23, 2016












Chris Ackerley at FIESTA SAHUARITA, Saturday, September 27, 2014